JT, Project initiator and core team member, is almost half way through his TEN Project ‘world promo tour’, and it’s been incredible…Many great connections have been forged and face to face brainstorms have been super-productive…Meanwhile other two core members Sam and Therese have been storming and rocking out on idea, web and face-to-face fronts in three continents.  A list of potential VIP interest is growing and some great local ‘ten city’ reps are emerging.

Ani Ibranyan has offered to write a basic Spanish version of the site info (not the blog posts) – check the other languages – anyone with multi-language or contacts mail in…

And remember, the site is constantly undergoing improvement, smartening and great regular postings!  Don’t get behind, get clicktastic… www.thetenproject.org
Actually, the new version explains what the current ‘idea trading/loaning’ model is all about (the basic principal that there is always a give and take).

Also, just putting out there the idea for you to consider where you’re at as a participant.  The 10P is currently a four level concentric circle structure, which means:

1) the core team (currently three) are surrounded by :

2) the MAJOR PLAYERS/CATALYSTS (those participants blogging and trading ideas or who have notified us as having a particular resource),

3) then moving outwards : casual players (participants who don’t really know how to get involved but want to, and might blog something up once in a blue moon),

4)  and then on the outer ring – VOYEURS who are not feeling the desire to trade creatively but are intrigued, fascinated or just entertained by the whole process and want to be kept in the loop as an observer.

Of course the idea is that one can move freely between the layers at will.

We are connecting currently on three platforms:

1) The main site for key concepts and summaries
2) Brainstorm forums that can be linked to from the main site (up and running in a few days), powered by google docs, ning and mindmeister, to suit different people’s preferences
3) The Facebook group for news and as a recruiting site that directs people to the main site

Preparing pitches to VIP’s and meeting the scarily imminent Pangea Film Day deadline of 15th Feb for the three minute film remain this weeks two major wild rides.  The website has undergone some successful reorganization and been updated with plenty of colorful and fun new posts.  Plenty of interactive and animated work is still urgently needed so this is a big call out for a CSS web savvy rockstar (or nerd) to join in the inner core fun…

On the business front, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel so we are looking for relevant pre-existing business models on which to draw from….blog up ya suggestions…

So in a nutshell, here are

10P’s THREE WISHES from participant trading for this week:

– A highly web savvy site designer with CSS skills and other programming skills to join the core team (Sam – Babo?, through yr Dad?, & Curt Beckman?, Richard Georges?, Michael Kosic?)

– An economics savvy contributor to edit 10P basic business plan the our up coming VIP, funding   and investment proposal

– Film makers. audio tekkies, producers, directors, musicians and editors looking for high level exposure to film and score/SFX three simple scenes very quickly which will make a three minute film for the upcoming revolutionary Pangea World Film Day (treatment brief below), and as a promotional tool.

PLEASE SEND IN SILLY/FUNNY PICS for the site of anything : you, something else!!!!!!  These are key to creating a non-threatening open site…(Thanks to Crystal Stafford – for the first photo – check her out she’s pretty hot ;) )

BTW at some point in the next year, we hope that ‘participants’ will actually become ‘players’ as the game elements grow and intermesh with the brainstorming, i.e. brainstorming becomes a game (for some of course it already is, which is great) :)

And of course ALL these concepts and names are trials and your suggestions for change and development are crucial.

Lots of love

JT and The 10 P

PS Film Treatment:

Three kids, say rich girl from Tokyo, poor girl from New York or Mumbai and mid wealth from São Paulo/whatever, :
We see them just day in the life stuff, getting ready for school etc.., parents in the background etc whatever, but on the cuts we hear the dialog of the other roll over, and the kid kind of looks like he heard something, like its a telepathic ghostly message from the other kid on the other side of the world, and we kind of just intercut these cool pensive looks of the kids, kind of like they can see each other but they can’t, ending on a kind of expression of epiphany from one or all of them..
Very simple, intriguing, soulful…. great audio room sounds, mumble etc…, and a kind of ambiguous soft cell type slogan like “what is the TEN Project?” to kind of drum up intrigue-buzz….”


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