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28 Jan OTHER (P96)

I think all these posts should be simplified as it’s a bit overwhelming for someone new coming straight into this to know exactly how they can contribute. There are all these amazing ideas, but I’m just not sure where to start or how I can best contribute. I still don’t quite understand the format of this game

24 Jan


Kerpoof Helping Kids Connect Online, Create Together

Posted: 23 Jan 2008 07:18 PM CST from TechCrunch

Kerpoof launched its set of picture, story, and movie creation tools for kids at the TechCrunch40 conference this past September. Since then, the company has been working to improve the functionality of these free browser-based products and, in particular, to transform Kerpoof into a platform for kids to communicate and collaborate with each other online.

Kids can now create their own avatars and join groups with other Kerpoof users. Since the site wants to encourage only kids who already know each other to interact online, each group requires a name and password to join. These are either shared by kids themselves or given out by parents who want to regulate their kids’ contacts. Once several kids are in the same group, they can send messages to each other, share their Kerpoof creations, and do other things like gift clip art objects.

The picture creation tool also now allows kids to work on pictures at the same time. Picture edits propagate to every user’s view instantly, allowing kids to make changes together while they chat. Kerpoof is working on making it possible for kids to collaborate over movies and stories, too, and on adding support for games and social puzzles later in the year. A type of virtual currency will be coming soon as well.

There are a lot of smaller enhancements made across Kerpoof’s set of tools, including new special effects for the movie creator and attractive themes representing different styles of art. A new “Super Doodle” tool is also being tested that enables kids to freehand draw and import their drawings into the picture tool. Overall, Kerpoof is shaping up to be a very compelling – if still small – suite of creativity/learning applications for kids.

American kids are not the only ones to notice; Kerpoof has become popular with both teachers and foreigners as well. While the company can’t measure directly how many teachers are using it in the classroom, CEO Krista Marks says that they are seeing usage patterns that suggest many classrooms are signing on as a whole during school hours. Kerpoof is also seeing 32% of its traffic from outside of the United States, with Moscow providing the second highest level of traffic among cities internationally (see the map to the right). Because of this foreign interest, Kerpoof is working on localizing its product for several languages such as Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

Kerpoof will eventually transition into a subscription-based service, although Marks says that all current offerings will remain free. The company was the Editor’s Choice of Children’s Technology Review for December 2007.

24 Jan

THEMES (C99 referring to C97)

I liked the piece someone wrote in regards to “bending street
signs” and the reference to the wooden ducks (actually, they’re
DOVES, but who cares?). anyway, there’s one hanging on the corner of
La Cienega and Beverly from the intersection’s traffic lights.
Perhaps you’ve seen the Andre the Giant stencils with the word “OBEY”?
i feel that this sort of work contains both the excitement that
you mentioned earlier (sniffing glue, stealing), and the sense of an
independent movement- us against them. love it.

of course you don’t want to draw negative attention to the project,
or have it sidelined by the wrong idea, but this is exciting.

23 Jan


Did you know that an electric kettle which includes a thermometer uses
on average 30% less energy? Why doesn’t everybody have one?
And remember Chloro- fluorocarbons? They used to be in all aerosol cans
and fridges before being made illegal. Of course the technology to
replace them was on the back burner for many years, not the most cost
effective, but not employed until the law made it imperative. And of
course human beings are ingenious and it would only have been a matter
of time anyway before the replacement for CFC’s was found, once the law
made it imperative. What were we going to do? Not have fridges any
Clearly the human race needs a new energy source, but it will only
eventuate (and dominate) when conventional thinking and archaic
corporate structures and interests give way to ingenuity, and political
systems which don’t rely on the patronage of corporate interest.
I have not read the brochure, but maybe in the TEN game some of these
basic erroneous concepts could be described as ‘how it shouldn’t be
done’ or something.


21 Jan


Just thinking about 10P because I have been spreading 10P words on
the way back from Tulum Mexico. I met a high school science teacher
on the plane who also heads the “green club” at palm springs high
school of 3000 students. She’s really down with 10p (checked google
and 10p does not have a group, but p10 does) then this other guy Tom
over heard me talking about the project, and he seemed really down as
well. He suggested one of his friends who is into online gaming.

I talked w/ the school teacher about making it cool, and such. She
said most the kids are into drinking, skateboarding, video games.
Pretty much in that order. Meanwhile, she battles to get just 8
recycling bins set up and delegate people to manage them. The people
doing it are not cool. We need to find the golden answer… how do
we make it more like the first three things?

One thing that was interesting was how easy it made conversation on
the airplane. Perhaps this could be a great way for people of our
generation to get girls/boys and so they spread the message for both
reasons. Then people can feel good for helping out a great cause,
meet people, and have fun doing it. That way everyone wins and planet

This will perhaps fuel what the younger kids can do, but a more child
like level, while hooking up with boys/girls not for just ice cream,
and a movie… but to be proactive in a problem that is here already,
but not on a level that is really putting anyone out. Just take a
picture of LA during the holiday break and it’s clear and blue. Then
when people get back and start driving it’s all hazy, but that can
even be pretty sometimes. It’s does not effect your breathing to
much. Well, on the east side during sumer it does. Point is you can
still live a great lifestyle…why worry or be proactive?

I feel like we are on the verge of finding the answer. There was this one skate
quote… “this guy came up to me and said why do you mark up our
concrete with your skateboard? and I said why do mark up our earth
with your concrete?” Perhaps a killer skate photo with this below
and then the website… or maybe a sequence where you see some suit
walk up… with something like that would sick. Just some images to
think about….


21 Jan


I read in some TEN Project notes about the idea of bending signs in these mega cities as some sort of marker or something. There was a graffiti artist who would put duck cut out of one inch wood on this chain with a pad lock on the other side of the chain as a counter balance. Then he would throw these over traffic lights in populated intersections. They would flutter in the wind and although only about 12 inch’s long grabbed your attention and made you question where they came from? Who put them there? What they mean? ect… This could be some how used in the evolution of this game?

21 Jan


Well thought through ideas and audience thinking
8-12’s with their parents
The global dilemma serious game concept will need some tweaking as it feels too realistic for its own good, and perhaps some fantasy elements but which still contain the main message. Can see lots of reciprocal links to existing agencies. Also scope is very big and may be worth looking at something narrower or episodic at least.

Good concept with strong potential. Quite like it, a big challenge in my view.

21 Jan


The kids are creating the possibility to create their own 4th dimensional reality WHILE they advance up levels? Or the adult humans create these alternate realities, I mean you could bring all kinds of concepts in to illustrate, like in Matrix the Smiths shape shifting scene, or levitation, or telekinesis, ect, all kind of 4th dimensional mojo..

I think whack humor can be a good distraction from your garden variety of automaton war game styled violence, something the game will have to replace if it doesn’t turn into your garden variety fight or race..

21 Jan


The time frame of the 2010 countdown is such that I feel we make an initially less high tech game & interface (even deliberately low tech) which has an ADAPTIVE ability to develop these high tech ideas amongst the game members who are globally and economically positioned for that (which will then grow to the others)..Its an idea about an actual kids game design of the future aspect of the actual game, where these ideas you talk about get developed as a kind of sub plot…all part of preparing ourselves for the unknown world of the future..


21 Jan


We can draw from the ultra successful Role Playing Games game world of war craft yet simplify and even eleminate aspects to appeal to children: (WWC & most RPG are for 14-40 year olds)
-superhero aspect
-tangable villain who wants to destroying the planet (shift it off US)
-Appeal of the RPG is that it’s similar to the real world. (different people, locations, groups, working together for a cause)

THE GAME: Needs to be cool looking and easy on the eyes!!!!

Story, Story, Story, The only way to hook kids is with story and all the good RPG games have good stories.
Figure out all the element of the the Environment included in the Game
Story line is very important: come up with something so complex then simple it down:
-biggest weakness is a bad or no story line.
-it needs to have appeal throughout: this is challenging because the environment is not so fun. It’s not dragons, ect….
-Has to come back to the environment: recycled stuff, different part of world effected by this,

In the introduction some narrator/character (on screen, no text or VO these are kids so very visual) needs to set up the story line. They need to stack the odds against the Hero so much that kids are hooked… no way he can win!!!!
All odds are stacked against you and it seems hopeless, and the Evil empire has shut down all the plants, families and people who recycle and do go for the environment. The evil people have made all the things that rape our planet the only options for the world and continue to over produce and exhaust resources. They shut down every humanitarian environmentalist in the world because of money? power? (personal reason why the villain for world domination can be a bit off the wall… The evil guy wants this unsustainable world because “no body laughs at jokes” I tried to get a job at recycling joint, but they wouldn’t let me so screw all of them. I’m not good enough for them.
not to complicated: Bad vs Good,and The evil thing that kills environment has an effect on everything. Ozone, Global warming, Melting ice caps, Lay this out with an outline of the situation. Give A knowledge of the real emergencies (because not many people know them anyhow) over exaggerate the problem. Ozone depletion… if they walk outside they lose life points and can die.

The GOAL: Simple…Try to reverse all the evil that the anti-hero has made bad in the world and create a sustainable planet.
-They need to fix the problems: and how to go about it:
-Make it quest oriented. Give them a quest to figure out… so the don’t have to talk with 80 people online to figure out what to do until later levels
-Quest will be easy tasks:
Start Level: You need send this mail to inuit ( find recycle paper to send letter.) You can’t use regular paper because thats what evil leader wants.
Mid Level : If you pick the rain forest people you need to find the seeds and plant trees. You need to fight through the world to get the seeds and plant them.
End Level: Find the elements required to make polymer paper and give the world a better option then destroying the Rain forest.

The Goals and the game starts out simple and grows harder and harder.
-big appeal of all RPG is power up… longer you play the stronger you get.
-online community is like holly shit your at 77 power points
As you go along it gets more complex. The RPG game never ends… You need to drag it out so it’s still fun: This is through the POWER UP. You can’t get to high levels with out levels of power.

The WORLDS: This could buy use some time with the development group because if we give them a good world layout they would need 3-4 months to design these world, and buy us some time to flush out these ideas.

The world need to be a Narnia type thing resembles the modern world, but more fantasy. To help kids get immersed in the world so they enjoy the Fantasy element.
The lay out of the world: You need at least 10-15 different section… effected by Evil and his neglect of the environment.
They will want the general look and feel of these zones and the world. It could resemble ours, but should be somehow fantasy.
The Sections are effect different for different environment concerns: (simple in one regard and complex in another because characters are effect different in different levels… more latter)
The sections need to be different and show visually the impact of the Evil guy. Over exaggerate the effects of the worlds problems in each section.
-The layout is directly effect by the Evil anti environment guy.
-fantasy world that looks like our world but much more visual and fun.
-SAFE ZONES – where the game can be saved (safe from air pollution or acid rain and other issues)
-Sparing through out the world and in these safe place everything is good.

Examples of sections in the world: (Perhaps each section could be one of the 10 mega cities in the proposal? So you go to Times Square and it’s flooded: You go to another mega city and it’s desert like; Kids reaction “wow thats what it would look like if global warming is not stopped?”)
-because of global warming one section of the world is under water… the Bad creatures adapted to that area and are hard to fight off because of that.
*you can’t move through the world easy because water makes it hard to move, and your slow. Visually it would be flooded, have moss growing, cars underwater, ect…
-Ozone deficient land where if you don’t have SPF protection you loose life points every 2 seconds
-Carbon polluted city where the air is so bad that you need a gas mask or you lose life points ever second.
-Place so cold that you need to huddle together with other online payers to keep warm.
-Rainforest area where the clearing of trees has all the animals homeless
-Green house effect: Desert like area, red glow, dusty, plants all dead, over baked ground cover.
-Resorce depleted area: like daffur. where the people must fight the evil force every day just to stay alive.

WWC is so popular because people can keep coming back and playing with a different character from a different point of view.

Characters description and look: Anime & Cartoon style (this will needed to be flushed out for the developers)
Characters with in the Classes are individuals: 6 different types of characters in each sectors: Girls, Boys, characters to represent the colors of the world also add in Fictional Characters Fox, Squirrel, who represent each type of person around the 10 mega cities.

The biggest aspect to online RPG game is you set up communities (I belong to the EAST faction and we are best) They have clicks and group elements. Groups hate on each other… so this may divide them? TAT is a division OK?
– We need to come up with classes and groups of Characters (example: rainforest people, Atlantis people, ozone people)
-each class of person has there own agenda to save the environment.
-strengths and weakness of each class of characters (maybe rain forest people have great paper/tree bonus aspect)
(people from Agua world have a weakness to heat: In desert area they loss more life points then other characters)
(pro and con of being in one class or another)
-Goals and agenda’s of each class and each characters
-younger kids will hold attention more if they have more people to play with… more variety is more stimulating.
These different classes become the different secs for the people to root for and kids will bond with one group or another and online bonds will form over them.

Starts out you get non-consumer elements stuck with shirt that raps the world nylon shirt, evil stuff and you want to get ride of it and get good recyclable stuff.
The weapons get stronger as the percentage of recyclable material gos up.
Everything thats good for environment is what our hero’s try to get.
The game and weapons grows more complex and harder as you go: you get more weapons more selections, and you need to pick the best one for each level

We should think of hundreds of ITEMS:
250 items – consumable item: food, drink, sunblock, ozone out to long so you need lotion to make you stronger from hits.
50 items – non-consumable: Cloths, Shoes, Helmet

Enemies: Beside the major Evil no good guy there should be about 300 of them:
Each Enemy is unique and out of the 300 or so there are enemies
50 of them should be Boss types that you need help from other online players to fight… teams and sectors need to come together to win these huge battles.

21 Jan


Could we find a fourth dimensional tecnology that makes the bugs, and the worms and the dragonflies, and all the other creatures in the game somehow weave in and out of the childs brain, creating no separation, just a knowingness, that crystalizes action in thier minds?? Oh, I’m mad, this making me high. Wasn’t there a movie, about virtual reality, where a chip was implanted into your head, and you were that thing, except it as a fantasy, and this is more reality based.. is that 4th dimension, are there virtual reality games, and if you create the game so that the child has to reason and think, not like a machine, but interacting with the ideas and thoughts?? The below might explain how this could be grounded in science.. if the ability to recreate our reality at hyperspeed exists, than I know we will find this new tecnology. The fifth dimension is one that goes beyond tecnology incidentally, so this tecnology, Johnny, would be the last one, if the below is true. I’m going to research more and meditate ceaselessly that the game could be in 4th dimension, so that every child could experience the game as a knowing beyond thought and analysis, to catalize change and take action with no effort, a smooth creamy shift towards 2012.

Not to be cynical, but the question in my mind is:

what is that link that will create no separation between the concepts in the game, and the concepts in real life. That’s the dance that must be perfected, and a challenging one, when all kids want to do is sit in front of a computer all day, all night, “Southpark’s episode, “don’t forget the towel” dude!!!; illistrates this beautifully). LOL! How do you get them to dial all of this into reality, and create change? I just know it’s 4d


21 Jan

Kids Favs & Local REP (F30)

I can do something on kids 5 fav
things, here and in lagos.
just returned from there and made some links with
Ambassador for Arts ( possible not as good as it
sounds -too much talk!) and Muson Centre ( major venue
for arts) also old friend of lekan’s setting up an
Arts Centre who should know about this. He runs Nimbus
Arts and bogobiri guest house in Lago and the new
venue is huge, it could be a possible space to launch
things in lagos if needed.
Will email them on and also send you their mails.

21 Jan


I’ve been researching grants and found some information about the Ford Foundation. check out the link, we should definitely submit a grant inquiry. I can do it for you but will need some information from you.

Grants and loans in 13 key fields: Arts and Culture; Civil Society; Community Development; Development Finance and Economic Security; Education and Scholarship; Environment and Development; Governance; HIV/AIDS; Human Rights; Media; Religion, Society and Culture; Sexuality and Reproductive Health; and Workforce Development.

Things that need to be done before writing grant:

Develop a precise, brief, and clear presentation explaining:

* The existing problem or problems your project will address.
* The expected results – long and short-term.
* The project’s organization, staffing, budgetary needs, and costs of implementation.

Have you thought about registering as a non-profit or non-governmental organization or is this totally not the direction you want to take?

Link to Fundraising Tips and Tools:


21 Jan


that is great we just need to get the new site in place and resolve a bit more before going completely VIP public

19 Jan


I also see that there are these brilliantly funny amazing expressions of surprise on the ant’s faces, when they meet with the slime.. Really clever, kind of takes the hard violent edge off the game and replaces it with hilarity(the only thing parallel or cool enough to violence is wicked humor for a kid i think). Then also a way to explain rounds of the game like:

*Fire ants are the main predators of red riggler worms. You have corrected their balance. You may go to the next round.*

Also, there are points in regards to the closer the numbers are on each side and a time limit on this round, so a time urgency for change can be conveyed(my friend Richard May’s idea), but it still should be really funny,, brilliantly surprised expressions on the ants faces, when thy are frozen in slime. Funny enough for an adult to amuse an adult. Maybe a wild face 3d’s out at the kids.. and hey, can this game be built in 3d, and have 3d glasses distributed?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this.. but you said more addictive than crack.. I just thought of this this moment..

BINGO BABY! 3d baby, The game needs to be created in 3, if not 4 d. Who do we know who can create 3d movies, and can convert this technology into video gameology, and can network this at hyperspeed to every telecommunication device imaginable?

18 Jan


I had another idea about the game. I had this vision, of a vast army of red wriggler worms crawling to take a Dr. Zeussy style mountain of helter skelter garbage by storm! There are many challenges for the worms. The two most important:

#1. Temperature. They need to stay cool.
#2. FIRE ANTS(the biggest reason who the worm populations are dying in the tropics)
rats, and cockroaches

The child must keep the ants cool somehow as they approach the garbagetown.. and they must encircle them in some biodegadable neon green and yellow slime for when the ants approach. The ants will melt into the slime within contact. It’s got to be sick! Then the worms have some kind of underground sonar to detect the scraps they like the best. The child’s objective is to get those worms to eat all their favorite food scraps, because as they poo they are refertilizing the soil, leaving less food for the rats(OH, I have to think about what we will do with the rats, and the cockroaches.) Somehow there is a war between the rats and cockroaches as the garbage issue mounts. More about rats and cockroaches later. I have a feeling those could be the most fun of all… there is no child in the world that is not facsinated if not freeked out by bugs, rats, cockroaches, worms and the crawling things, so throw some bright colors and brilliant animation and this is going to be the most fun game ever..

17 Jan


So, what do you think about a very simple scripted scene in Africa or Mexico or somewhere with a kid – a day in the life – or just one scene at home and then she goes outside and we kind of freeze frame it every now and again or not freeze frame but add simple AE stuff like words and diagrams coming out of here a la “Stranger than Fiction” to illustrate the change she can make and all the other kids connecting with her – kind of ghosts of the other kids voices coming in like telepathy – like that J50’s ohn Wyndham book ‘The Chrysalids’…

film – would be cool to have 2 kids – like Mexico / Africa & NY/Japan to show this is not a ‘developing’ country /aid project.

14 Jan


Maybe there is a way of getting the parents involved, every kid loves when adults interact with them in any shape or form so if there was a way of connecting the parents it would be not only an extra inspiration for the kids to pick up the game but would also give one more opportunity for the parents to interact with there children, (am referring to the younger once).

I think that one of the big problems in today’s high-speed society is that we don’t spend enough of time as families the parents don’t have time to guide there children so the kids are left to find role models else where which sometimes leaves them with a rocky base to build on.
Maybe the Ten project could be one more reason for parents to get involved and start a dialog with there children and could still do so even when they are not able to be there physically.

14 Jan


Check this out, the perfect launchpad for our video call to action !! 10th Jan


We hope to have a working prototype of at least some elements of a game/social world to pilot in one mega-city in early 2009 with local community organizations signed up to test the game with the target groups. Testing at the pilot site will feed into the iterative collaborative design and build of the game/world with an anticipated launch of a more developed game in a number of mega-cities on 01 January 2010.

In the long-term it is anticipated that the social & environmental sustainability plans developed by the kids through the game play will be picked up by action partners in the mega-cities and fed through their channels to bring about real change in their communities. This borrows from models such as the Oxfam International Youth Parliament and many other organisations who achieve global change with local action


The TEN Project is currently being conceived as an open source collaborative project. However, the core team driving the project expects that in order to drive The Movement to deliver the 2020 game/social world that some part of the project will need to operate within more traditional business parameters. Irrespective of whether it becomes a a non-profit or for-profit business, business acumen, organisation and planning must be rigourously applied to make the project a success.

At this early stage we are trying to think as expansively as possible and we believe that The TEN Project and the 2020 game itself offer the potential to enable a range of business models, e.g. a not-for-profit venture that attracts philanthropic & partnership support (e.g. Rotary club, $100 laptops group, Micro credit orgs etc), a for-profit business that attracts sponsorship / advertising revenue or offers the game as a subscription / licence service with tiered membership for individuals (fee-paying) or non-profit groups (free licences), advertising/sponsorhsip on the Ten Project website etc.

We wish to explore all options as we develop the plan further and firmly believe the business model needs to develop in step with & as a core part of the creative proposition. A key issue in identifying the right business model(s) for the project will also involve negotiating the mine that is IP & copyright in the online environment. Ideally we want to create an open source game/environment but this will have to be well thought out.


2020 players will create an avatar to play as in a social virtual world / role playing game, choosing their age, characteristics, values, likes & dislikes (using video, visuals, music etc, so as not to rely on literacy). As this avatar they are imagining the sustainable habitats of 2020 (their own, those of other kids, animals etc).

They can invite friends to join them to complete tasks and challenges that grow in complexity. Their alter ego will grow in ‘artificial years’ based on a reward for strategy and collaboration achievement. Rewards will become real world elements, for example the saving of an actual polar bear (and the numbers thereof). Penalties could be glaciers caving in/melting or something more relevant to city kids such as Bangladesh flooding and their families having to become refugees.2020 includes a multiple-type interface that makes the game universally practical for all societies of players. It will have an inherent and unique language/symbol building element, and by encouraging the interaction of the creative capacities of this age group, it will demonstrate their collaborative powers, the effect they already have on the world (their role’s as consumers – albeit via parents’ and guardians – in richer communities, and how much they are needed for sustainable solutions in communities where resources are scarce), and the exciting effect they can have (through the game interaction and inter-motivation) on redesigning the world into one that will be sustainable and worth inheriting in 2020.

2020 will offer also online social networking options for kids to get to know each other online and in the real world. They can post videos, blogs, pictures, tell their story or someone else’s and work together to create personal, local and global community ten year plans for a sustainable world that will never again forget how to maintain its own lifeline, its planet/world/environment. They can blur the boundaries between virtual and real worlds by playing with other kids in other mega-cities using a handheld device on the corner of their street. They can mirror their own home in their mega-city or choose to live like kids in another mega-city. They will explore beyond their virtual homes to schools, parks, landfill sites, shopping malls etc.

“Perhaps the “myspace” aspect to this? Add friends, create profiles, list other friends, list real world things that somehow relate to the game. Perhaps to get to new levels you must go to some real life place and perform some task? This could be as direct as have them recycle 100 cans, or as abstract as going to the ocean and watching the waves roll in… then find out how many waves hit the shore in a 1 min. time span? ”

7 Jan 2008


The sustainability/community game/system could be sold as an extension to all different actual games.


An art/science/sport competition about the changing urban landscape., the discipline of which gets passed down to each new generation of ten, ie when someone reaches 11, she passes her project to a new ten yr old, and she takes on one of a 12 yr old – just turned.


Ok so what I guess we need to start with a genera of gaming. Is this roll play, first person, or action? What is the best medium for our brainstorm?

7 Jan 2008


You can’t just say “here’s a website” and expect a global creative opensource design forum to magically begin.

6 Jan 2008


What sort of needs to be emphasized is what moves people beyond the game. In capitalism it is the idea of a higher quality of life… that stuff makes you happy. This is what we need for this to work… somehow this leads to us being happy. (goes back to our conversation on happiness… how it’s a new idea and elusive because we did not evolve to be happy, just survive.) So if you can tap into that notion of happiness… well by nature many people are not happy.
The game is apart of our lives, we live in the game. It’s ambiguous because it’s doesn’t exist yet.


Making a game out of saving the world makes it fun… yes! While Monopoly took capitalism and made it a fun game with strategies that work in the real world through are adult years so will this game. Capitalism is not fun working 60-80 hours a week for a new chair, and white fence is not fun or in my mind productive… yet the game somehow made it fun. Then as the generation grows up the same attitude maintains. The real motivation for capitalism was a new car, new house, rich life with all the bells and whistles.

Show these pretty things that you could have… grass on rough tops with bunnies playing.
Lifestyle healthy and fun, helpful, resourceful, Successful. If somehow success was measured not by how much one makes in money, but by how much one can effect the sustainability of a planet.

The Game as I see it would be a combo of: Myspace meets monopoly.

Myspace = go on it 10 times per day, update stuff, check it from other computers, Cell phones, ect…
Monopoly = Rules & Frame of the game.

Also, could part of project ten be that each person must get 10 people to jump on board and into the game/movement?



What is capitalism really about? getting the girl/boy. What is winning
the superbowl really about? getting the girl/boy. What is becoming a
rock star all about? getting the girl/boy. What is winning the race at
10 years old really about? getting the girl/boy. What is riding a
skateboard better then anyone in middle school all about? getting the
girl/boy links to saving the environment! Thats working for us…

how can The 10 be about getting the girl/boy, while it’s not about that
at all?

You wana hold onto kids 10-20 years of age? When all one can think
of most the time is the girl/boy.? Find a way to make the game about getting
the girl/boy…. with out anyone knowing that it’s about getting the
girl/boy.. You’ll have every hormone crazed kid just begging to be apart
of this.

Random thought from my younger years and after watching Tony Romo
(dallas cowboys quarterback) fail in front of new girl friend Jessica
Simpson. The sport writers said it’s to much pressure when she shows
up on game day because football was and still is ‘all about getting
the girl’.


I think you’ve stressed the city children so much that the country
children might feel left out. The Ten should hope to include all
children eventually, ripples on a pond…

AGE (G76)

The game should have levels so children are encouraged to go up levels
beyond their years… At the top level the ‘reward might be to become a


Anonymity for players is key (to avoid interference from adults)

WIN (M78)

Rewards could be something like an actual polar saved (numbered).
Penalties could be cities flooding, glaciers calving – so children
could see the cause and effect of what they do.


Cro-Magnum man used symbols to express ideas – how would it be to
have children devising these?


6 Jan 2008


what about a video game as well, on the website, much like webkins, at no cost, that kids can interact as they develop their ideas, not a my space, no direct interaction, just information sharing. Younger children do not need to have the “my space” contact. However they can have great input into the TEN Project.


Then I forward the proposal and I get this sort of throw their arms in the air response. They don’t know how to help, or what they would be helping. What sort of needs to be emphasized is what moves people beyond the game. In capitalism it is the idea of a higher quality of life… that stuff makes you happy. This is what we need for this to work… somehow this leads to us being happy. (goes back to our conversation on happiness… how it’s a new idea and elusive because we did not evolve to be happy, just survive.) So if you can tap into that notion of happiness… well by nature people are not happy.


How about just calling it ‘The Ten’ once it has gone beyond being a


I think you’ve stressed the city children so much that the country
children might feel left out. The Ten should hope to include all
children eventually, ripples on a pond…


I’d like to see many language versions, especially Arabic and Oriental
languages so the Ten should not appear to be coming only or primarily
from the West.

LOGO (F79)

Different language versions need to be done ASAP

5th Jan 2008:


the ambitious nature of the project immediately screams ORGNISATION… it needs good planning, management, business thinking from the outset if it’s going to succeed. Just see so many wonderfully creative projects go nowhere cause the biz thinking comes waaay too late.


First the re-write… because something has been lost. As I forward this email I am forced to add some words of yours to the body of the email message that are not in this version. The who, what, and when are there, but It’s the notion of why that has gotten diluted. Why save the earth is all there… it needs us to save it to sustain life. What is missing for me is why project 10 is the path to the sustainability. The document still talks about the creativity of children, the power of youth… but why not address the two most traveled and ineffective routs… these are your words I am just paraphrasing them…

1. Government: the most obvious and direct approach is to make the change at the top, but this has not worked and will not work because of nepotism, old school thought corrupt practices (oil lined pockets, kick backs, campaign money, ect…)

2. The adults are set in their ways and can’t change. (global warming is only about 15 years old so baby boomers don’t get it, and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks so forget about them and fuck the government cause it ain’t working. The children are the answer not because they are the better or obvious option… THEY ARE THE ONLY OPTION.

A side not is the huge issue of a language barrier, and how do you address that in this proposal?

I have more feedback on the proposal as well… It seems as you know a bit ambiguous, besides the fact that you mention it’s a bit ambiguous twice, the proposal is almost exclusively about this online “game.” It’s hard for me to gather from the written proposal how this plan leads to action. I know thats the challenge, but you mention Monopoly and how that prepared a generation for capitalism… still Monopoly is not and was not responsible for capitalism. The game alone would have little impact on our economy or in my humble opinion capitalism. However, I do like the reference and I am not suggesting taking it out, but taking it a step further. Monopoly continues to be one of the best selling board game of all time, yet it has little impact on younger generations, as they have shifted past the capitalistic all about money attitude of the 1980’s.

What I am suggestion is some how including more then just some game that will capture kids attention, inform them, and work a “green” plan into there moral fiber. I guess we should try to answer what is that “green” plan? I know this is all stuff you plan on figuring out as we go, but it just seems this has become all about this “game” and with little or no plan of “action.” I know this is not easy, but when we talk in person I get and have gotten a much better understanding of this global community, how it can come together, how it can evolve, and how it can actually SAVE OR PLANET. When I read the proposal I get some understanding of the game, but little understanding how this will lead to change. I wish I could be more help, and I fear I may just be making things more complicated rather then finding solutions, but I just need to let you know my thoughts.

As you know we need to fix systems not problems, so perhaps there could be something added about that into the words. I have first hand experience on how this can be played out… Also, in the proposal as you have mentioned to me, there are all these great tools our generation has developed that these kids can use and expand on. Polymer paper, Cradle to Cradle architecture, ect… Things that do not coast more, look better, and function with 0 impact on our world… or even better a positive impact on the world.


It really resonated on many levels, but also cos we’re
setting up a music project here that we’re linking to
Lagos for young people 8-14yrs, called “iyami’s blues”
linked with the deities of river, ocean and whirlwind
and climatic change. I have contacted various art
people over there to be involved so maybe this can
all link in??

LOGO (D25)

It could be a kind of life ring around the earth. Except green and white instead of red and white with bits of rope.5 Jan 2008


story / narrative & motivation are huge factors in a game’s appeal to its players, adults & children alike.


choosing to be a different person in place and time could be used for the 10 project. The characters could be kids & it could be done in a way that lets them choose characteristics, values, likes & dislikes using video, visuals, music etc, so not relying on them being able to read…


the kids are separated from everyone else on the planet. geographically, they are miles apart- but through the internet, they are together. essentially, the millions of kids can create their own language. that’s why i put that lame “barney and the symbols” thing out there. bad example, but something to plant a seed, maybe. i remember as a kid my brother and i made up our own language. we just added sounds to the end of words that rhymed with the first vowel each word. others were unable to understand us. we were empowered. dorky, yes, but empowered nonetheless.


many gender cliches ring true in gaming, boys are competitive and play to win, if there are four gardens that are optional to visit on the way to saving the princess from the tower (ie winning), they will head straight for the tower… the girls will stop and smell the roses & if it’s an option chat to anyone else who is smelling the roses too. As game literacy improves from one generation to the next, sophisticated story arcs that are integrated into the game play become more vital to long term engagement with a game.


Serious Games – Specifically interested in rich gameplay on consoles, pc or mobile that delivers real learning. The range can be short form flash/sms type games that require brief periods of play spread over many weeks or continuous online games that involve collaboration with others in Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) environments.


Sharing Web 2.0 – Applications and services that draw together communities on web and mobile with the purpose of sharing and growing around a niche interest. This could be mash-ups of iconic web 2.0 services such as flickr, YouTube, Facebook or something completely new and original that will activate key interest groups.


choosing to be a different person in place and time could be used for the 10 project. The characters could be kids & it could be done in a way that lets them choose characteristics, values, likes & dislikes using video, visuals, music etc, so not relying on them being able to read…


popular board games share some similar traits. Most of them involve specific strategies of play. When these strategies are employed successfully, the games are fun, challenging and intensely rewarding as players attempt to capture portions of the board and/or each other. Another common element in most of these board games is chance, or luck. Luck is introduced usually by drawing cards or rolling dice. The element of chance opens up possibilities for even more strategies of play. A final important trait of these games is that in one way or another they reflect the lessons of life. They teach competition and sportsmanship. They teach strategy and the lesson of never giving up.


This is a website/online community that is all the rage with kids my
nieces age… 8 years old. The way it works is go to a toy store,
and purchase a “webkin” stuffed animal. Each animal comes with a
special code. Once you enter the code into the website you get to
access all the fun games. They love it very much, and it gives them
ownership of the stuffed animal, and somehow that makes it more fun
and draws them to the website each day.

Also, I did this promo for this new USB barbie doll that has come out
recently. The idea is that you log onto the website, plug barbie
into the usb port on your cpu, and you get access to there fun web
site. This one is all about dressing barbie, fixing up her home with
stuff, a fashion show, ect… The interesting thing here is that
everyone can chat with other people who are on the web site, but only
if there barbie dolls have been in the same room at the same time,
and logged on to prove it. Then they can talk online from then on
even if the barbies are apart. This helps to prevent online stalkers.

This could be used to push your message with all the games, and stuff
geared for your message.

1 Jan 2008


1) Create a vague but catchy ad campaign. you are looking to empower the kids- to separate them from the “unaffected pack”. so how about researching the most influential toys, sports, games, movies, etc. for the age group in each of the cities and integrate an image of the most famous icon or character with some unfamiliar symbols and a bit of racy dialog? basically, a bad example would be a shot of Barney (the gay, purple dinosaur) with symbols all around him and a title “why is he dying?” ok, another example- before arena football came to California, there were billboard ads everywhere that said things like “in 3 months, millions of men will leave their wives for other men”. and that’s it- no mention of football, a specific date or location or media outlet. it was catchy though.


2.) just one big event in each of the cities would create a huge spark for the project. an event like a concert. ever seen hanna montana? huge.

1 Jan 2008


1.) the kids are separated from everyone else on the planet. geographically, they are miles apart- but through the internet, they are together. essentially, the millions of kids can create their own language. that’s why i put that lame “barney and the symbols” thing out there. bad example, but something to plant a seed, maybe. i remember as a kid my brother and i made up our own language. we just added sounds to the end of words that rhymed with the first vowel each word. others were unable to understand us. we were empowered. dorky, yes, but empowered nonetheless.



2) I was thinking – maybe the game should be some kind of world wide competition where the winner from each city gets a trip to some beautiful inspiring place – maybe some kind of sustainable resort or something? Would that be too difficult?


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  1. hp says:

    commenting on C97 – I’ve noticed a lot of these as well ducks/doves and others – I did some searching and this seems to be the new artist wave to be noticed. check out moodycyn on myspace. He too is posting art work around the city in wood. Its a game to seek them out and some go further and collect them from what i understand.

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