The “MyCity” test strategy and trading card game is now fully operational, and being enjoyed by kids in São Paulo! Testing the game in person with a group of twenty ten-year-old kids in São Paulo was one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. The kids loved it (especially the part where they get one minute to swap their city cards) and I was bowled over by their instant ideas for stories and artistic creations to make in order to gain votes needed for game play.

We now also have a new game in design development. Its a social role-play browser game set against an interactive comic-style backdrop that uses googlemaps, youtube and facebook-style mash ups, to weave real cities into a fantasy social game, and is every bit as exciting as it sounds.

We’ve also been rewarded a scholarship to attend the “Games For Change” workshop in New York as part of their annual festival at the beginning of June, which brings together the world’s leaders in games designed to inspire, educate, or cause positive individual change or growth in their players. This festival and workshop should be a major step forward in our game development.

São Paulo continues to inspire daily in varied and unexpected ways. I have been visiting the favelas (slums) and connecting with dozens of local projects there to do with kids, cities and creativity.

I also had a great evening of beer drinking with TED speaker and author Robert Neuwirth from New York. He happened to be in Brasil researching his new book on informal economies and the big business of slums. He was very supportive of TEN’s goals and the way we are going about it all, and was very interested in the game aspect to it.

Sam (TEN Director of Photography) is as inspired as ever about the TEN documentary, planning a launch date for 10.10.2010 and is editing my vlogs and previous LA footage and lining up more interviews and working on a new trailer idea. Meanwhile TEN Producer Therese is busy as ever researching into technology & business models, and working on our new browser game.


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