Big Thank-You ICON Australia for Our First Seed Funding!

InnovationConnect (ICon) is an Australian (Canberra Territory) Government program designed to provide creative innovators and entrepreneurs with support that will accelerate the progress of viable, creative ideas along the development and commercialisation pathway.

ICon provides matching funds up to $50,000 to businesses who are in the early stages of developing innovative business ideas and assists them in taking the next step to commercialisation.

While I was in Samoa, Therese and I worked on our pitch documentation, and lodged our application.  We were selected as finalists, and Therese went to ICON to pitch, armed with our game prototype development & business plan, and the video I made in São Paulo, Rio and NYC (shot by Fabio Cascão – big thank you as well).  They loved it all, we won, and the rest (will be) history.  Big thank you to ICON, they have been incredibly supportive all the way through, and a joy to be involved with.


2 Responses to Big Thank-You ICON Australia for Our First Seed Funding!

  1. Christina DiBernardo says:

    congratulations!!! you deserve it!

  2. thetenproject says:

    Thanks Christina! It was a good feeling for sure, and always good to pass a big milestone and step to the next level

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