Matt Costello – Writer and creator of groundbreaking TV, novels, nonfiction books, and games in both U.S. and U.K, a games script writer and developer, has written some of the world’s best selling games, including titles like the “7th Guest”, “Doom 3″ and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, creative consultant for on “Titanic” –
Sir Ken Robinson – Educational adviser and Author (see his TED talk
 video in the side bar of this site)
Veronique Pittman – Green entrepreneur, philanthropist and co-chair of the Museum of Natural History’s Environmental Lecture series

Fretta Reitzes – Director of 92nd Street Y’s educational, enrichment and recreational programs
Dr. Annette Gebauer – corporate development specialist

James Tattersall – Consultant Nephrologist and medical games and database developer.

Nicole Yershon –  Director, Innovative Solutions and Agency Systems at Ogilvy UK

André Bouwman – copywriter/designer/entrepreneur co-owner of 60LayersofCake
Cara Forray – Teacher Scarsdale Middle School
Christina Dibernardo – Apparel Design Consultant – Ralph Lauren & Creative Director, Owner at Hunters, Gatherers, and Scouts, L.L.C.
Claudia Schneidereit – Trend consultant CSCOUT NYC
Colleen Sullivan – Publicity CBS
DC Vito – Executive Director LAMP NYC
Denise Clark – Grants Manager at Queens Library
Duncan Wilson – Assistant Principal – Scarsdale Middle School NYC
Edo Khan (Recording Artist)  – Khan Brothers Aus
Emily McManus – Editor, at TED Conferences
Eric Hamilton – American Museum of Natural History
Fiona Gorrie – Music producer
Gail Bruce – Founder of the Cultural Learning Centers Initiative for the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, Art Associate and Director/owner of Ramscale Productions
Grant, Harriet – Writer, Journalist BBC World Service
Heather Rae  – Film Producer – Sundance Winner 2008
Helen Conover – Special Needs Educator & Coordinator of High School Science Enrichment at 92nd st Y NYC
Jason Ojalvo – Senior Vice President at Audible, Inc.
Jeff Probst – Presenter/Host/Producer “Survivor” TV Series
Jill Tattersall – Author & painter
Joanna Morris – Executive Assistant, Moskito Island, Virgin/Richard Branson, British Virgin Islands
Kássia Méa – International Business Analyst
Katz Kiely – Managing Director of Just-b Productions
Lilibet Foster – Film and TV Director
Lior Ipp – Director of Ashoka NYC,  Youth Venture Globa
lLuciana Zaffalon Cardoso – Lawyer and general co-ordinator of IDDD – Instituto de Defesa do Direito de Defesa – Brasil
Mark Tattersall – Psychiatric consultant and hospital manager UK
Monique van Dusseldorp – Owner of Van Dusseldorp Holding BV and Program Director at Amsterdam Cross Media Week – PICNIC’08
Murray Bruce – Producer/Director and Owner of Ramscale Productions, NYC, was Producer/Director at Conde Nast and Independent Collaborator at Institute of American Indian Arts
Nadav Khan – Recording Artist –  Khan Brothers
Nick Abraham – Artist, comedian
Paulo Castillo – Engineer, time-lapse photography innovator, TV camerman and FEATURED EXPERT
Peter Robinett – Web Developer and Strategist and founder of BubbleFoundry
Peter Schweitzer – Producer CBS news
Robert Neuwirth – Author (see his TED talk video in the side bar of this site)
Robin Tattersall – OBE – Surgeon
Tim Reitzes – Centre for Children and Technology, division of the Education Development Center, Inc., New York City
TranQue – Art Curator NYC

Alan Bishop MyLifeBrand creator (Networking Web platform)
Alexandra Casula – Artist NYC
Andrés Henao (Boston Globe / Beacon) writer – PRESS
Andrew Mudge (film director)
Andrew Pante Assistant director TV
Anna Tattersall – Accountant
Audrey Davenport – TV Producer
Beto Melo – Producer, Blue Eye Films
Brandon Haberman – Cinematographer, Author and game designer
Bulent Bayram (Total reward and HR technology director – Dannon)
Calvito Leal  – Film Director
Celia Nicolas – Film and TV Producer
Chad Greipentrog – Cinematographer – Survivor
Christina Chin  – Film & TV Sound Recordist
Danna Feintuch – Filmmaker and photographer
Dave Chapiro – Lighting Camerman / Parent
Donal Ng – Cameraman and filmmaker
Dwayne Rodgers – Artist NYC
Elizabeth Lindsey  – Medicine / Science
Erik Whitestone – Film & TV Sound Recordist NYC
Fabio Cascao – Camerman Survivor US
Gary Lacroix – TV sound recordist
Hans Raffauf – Co-Founder at and
Hardy Fin – Accountant
Hernan Perez  – Cinematographer
Jelena Petrovic –  Film & TV Hair and Makeup, Los Angeles
Jinx Morgan  – Author & painter
Kahaia Pearson – Unit Production Manager – Survivor – TV
Laurie Pekich – TV Producer, Los Angeles
Laurie Pekich – TV Producer, Los Angeles
lu Liang – Designer
Márcia Mendes – Television production
Maria Karakashian – TV Producer Survivor
Mark Nija Lynch – Cinematographer – Survivor
Nathaniel St. John – Information Technology and Services, founding CEO of Sapient
Nicholas Tomnay – Film director and editor
Parker Reilly – Tubeo TV
Paul Paragon – Sound/2nd camera operator film & TV
Paul Webb – Cinematographer – Survivor
Peter Goetz – Musician, TV producer, Mark Burnett Productions, Los Angeles
Peter Peter Wery – Cinematographer – Survivor, Amazing Race
Rebecca Ladbury – Channel 4
Richard Horniblow – TV Sound Recordist
Rodrigo Rodriguez (film/TV production)
Russ Fill – Cinematographer – Survivor
Sam Pietsch – Filmmaker
Tony Jenson – Audio Technician – Survivor

Alison Cody – Global Kids Show
Angus Rex – ABC Aus
Ani Ibranyan – Design/Music/Marketing/Culture/Translator
Arndy Tattersall – School student
Axelle Chabrier – Photographer
Bec Kelly – Culture/Art
Becky Tattersall  – school student
Ben Banford – Restauranteur
Ben Tattersall – school student
Chike – Mayor Lagos
Crystal Stafford  – Musician
Curt Beckmann – (Apropedia)
Dan Oday – TV Producer
Debra Musgrave – Musician
Dena Jackson – Yoga Instructor
Gisele, Rodrigues – Economist
Gregory Gunter
Haluk Nasi
Henry Russel – Art Curator and founding director hank rossi time machine
Iris Viana
Jack Tattersall – Game Designer trainee
Jacob Devaney  – Creator of Culture Collective
Janice Baumgarten – Intelbras Para Brasil
Jason Graham
Kate Luxmore – Musician
Lea Boschen – Musician
Lisa Lawton – Yoga Instructor
Lisa Russell – Governess films NYC
Lisa Williams
Lorenz Aschoff – Global Economics student
Loyda Rosa – Anthropologist
Mariana Cobra – Projeto Guri, São Paulo, Brasil
Marina – Music Management
Mark Downing – Land Surveyor
Meegan Corcoran – Marine Biology
Michael Kosic
Nicole Tattersall – Teacher’s assistant and Art Curator
Nina Leal Bellotto – Producer and 1st AD
Ninian Gomez
Olatz De Solaeche – Magazine / culture
Richard Georges
Sarah Raeburn – Art Historian
Simon Tattersall – Accountant
Stacy Mather – Director YEP Tortola
Sylvie Jolivot
Thor Downing Architect/Artist
Zoe Beckett