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Our last project involved children 8 to 11 yrs old in a big architectural project in Australia:

TEN works with children around ten years old in schools through film-making, and food and nutrition workshops to involve them in inspiring envirnmental and health projects in the communities and around the world.


Hi, I’m John Tattersall, founder of TEN and an EMMY Award Winning cinematographer, with over twenty years experience in Film and TV. I have filmed twenty-one seasons of the CBS TV adventure game hit series “Survivor”.

The workshops function like a conversation between professionals, projects and children.

These conversations encourage children in a ‘hard to reach and engage’ age group to speak their mind and think out loud, promoting talent, pride and self confidence in themselves as agents and participatory citizens, whilst enriching the development and learning of projects, companies and organisations.

TEN involves children now in shaping the world they will soon lead.

Their involvement in real projects helps the participating adult professionals to be fresh and playful in mind, and more child-like with their innovative thinking.

The TEN Project facilitates a collaboration between children who will shape a better world and adults who are shaping it now.

For example:

In a recent contract with Australia’s Land Development Agency, The Ten Project’s media-rich consultancy reports assisted the development of two entirely new neighbourhoods for the capitol city of Canberra.

“At the design stage, [The Ten Project’s] work was useful giving Land Development Agency confidence in their direction and useful practical information to us as designers” – James Hayter, Architect and Urban Designer, Australia.

“The best thing from my point of view is that [the kids] have been engaged the entire time – there hasn’t been a minute where not one of them wasn’t engaged.” – Timothy Kirsopp, Teacher at Turnery Primary, ACT, Australia

“I don’t think there’s a bigger mission …it’s just a great project.” Sir Ken Robinson – education and culture adviser to the UK government – talking about The Ten Project.

“[The Ten Project] truly speaks the language of today’s youth…harnesses the young imagination, [and] encourages young people to bring their ideas to life for the good of their local and the global community.” – Educators from New York

TEN’s brief Bio:

In 2009 The Ten Project partnered with an after-school network in Brazil, won Australia’s Innovation Connect seed funding competition, and through further partnerships with a design firm in Ireland, a software company in Australia and a mobile branding company in New York, demo’d our first online game and children’s ideas database at the 92nd St Y in Manhattan. By 2010 we were working with museums, youth centres and schools in Australia, USA and the Caribbean and producing rich media consultancy reports for the government and the private sector.

To discuss our consultancy further and see how it can service your needs and agendas, contact me at thetenproject@gmail.com.



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