board chips and “Deal or no Deal” – from Mark ‘Ninja’ Lynch

Game board as well as internet based play would help with children that do not have computers but may be able to contribute to the overall goal of the Ten Project. If corporate sponsors could be found to help fund this venture for our children, it could benefit.

Could you imagine next December just before “Christmas” millions of these game boards being distributed to children around the world at no cost, with news coverage to help the global awareness the Ten Project could really start to make a difference? By giving.

Most new Game board games are electronic now, example Life, Are you Smarter then a fifth Grader. With today’s technology a small memory chip could be build in for recording the data from the children who can not access a computer, with planning, the collaborative gaming community could help to download these memory chips, and help to bring information from children in “squatter cities” not so privileged.

Security : My suggestion for using the Webkins scenario is they can chat and play games together on line but there is no direct chat area. There would only be certain dialogue that children could use to communicate to each other. I am saying this for children 8 to 15 years of age. This would keep the Ten Project safe from scrutiny, if parents want their kids to be on the Internet lets leave it to them to make that choice.

As far as having closure to the Ten Project in ten years, what about the idea of 3 times a year having the top ten kids come together for a live, or taped final competition in the style of Deal Or No Deal. The end result would be apparent to our society much sooner and keep children interested.

If possible to have the time scale put forward to a December 2008 release, the sooner the better, the world is not getting better. It may be too short to do all that you want by then.


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